Why Have A PCP

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have One?

Throughout your life you’re presented with opportunities to make smart decisions…or not. Choosing a PCP and scheduling regular checkups is one of the smartest decisions that you’ll ever make. If getting a PCP is such a smart decision, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Here’s What We’ve Heard…Here’s What We Say…
I don’t have timeHealthy behaviors add years to your life. Research has proven it. Don’t “save” an hour today only to pay with years from your future. When you take care of your health, you’re not spending; you’re investing.
I’m not sickPerfect. A PCP can help you stay that way by encouraging you to be proactive about preventive behaviors and catching problems early.
I don’t have insuranceCheck on public health clinics, family planning clinics and sliding scale plans and free care in hospital clinics.
I’m afraid they’ll find somethingYou’d be surprised how often we’ve heard this. We can’t emphasize enough the benefits of early detection. But, more importantly, in a huge percentage of cases, your doctor will be able to put your fears to rest. Think how good that will feel.

Bottom line…having a PCP is more than a smart decision. It’s the responsible thing to do for you and for your loved ones. Here’s one important suggestion. Get a primary care provider before you get sick.

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