Your Child’s Hospital Visit

There’s no way around it. Bringing your child to the hospital is stressful for the whole family whether the trip is for an outpatient procedure or a hospital stay, a planned visit or an emergency. Moms and dads have their own fears to deal with and at the same time, they have to help their child face the unknown and the unfamiliar. Plus, depending on the seriousness of a child’s illness or the length of his or her stay, brothers and sisters may feel fear, guilt or even anger.

Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong is committed to helping children and their family members at every step. Our entire health care team is here to insure that each child’s invidividual needs are met. Child Life Specialists, in particular, support hospitalized children and their families by helping them to prepare for and cope with medical procedures as well as day-to-day hospital life. They provide pre-admission tours, recreational activities for children of all ages and one-to-one counseling. To contact a Child Life Specialist, please ask your nurse or call their office at 585-275-9878.

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