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Friends of Strong Staff

Louise Criticos

Assistant Director:
Jane Walsh

Public Awareness Administrator:
Susan Sullivan

Administrative Assistant:
Melanie Oldfield

Volunteer Coordinator:
Alicia Blodgett

Amelia Burt

Laurie Buettner
Mary Hedden

Gift Shop Manager:
Helen Hess

Gift Shop Assistant Manager:
Yvonne Freeman

Specialty Shop Manager:
Joanne Wales-Smith
Gift Shop Staff:
Cecilia Buckley
Emily Diaz
Marion Fahy
Patricia Kavanaugh
Gayle Ziarnowski

Manager, Ambassador Program:
David Lane

Gustavo Abarca
Stephen Adams
Rosemary Bianchi
Fran Brownell
William Donahue
Ted Esposito
Nicholas Gianforti
Francis Guido
Richard Hershberg
Susan Houghtling
Zulma Irizarry
Daniel Lee
Doug Moyer
Rosetta Mundt
Aldwin Perez
Pat Royce
Robert Tedrow
Jason Weitz
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