Breast Care

Your breasts shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. But, with all the myths and conflicting information out there, they may be. Find out why you shouldn’t be a breast phobic.

The single most important way for you to actively pursue breast health is with regular breast cancer screening. The second most important way is to become more knowledgeable.

We’ve put together this part of our web site to provide you with reliable information from a source you know and trust. Because when it comes to breast health, knowledge is more than power–it’s confidence.

  • Arm yourself with knowledge. Our glossary of terms puts information right at your fingertips.

  • Ask the right questions. Here is a list of questions about breast care that you need to ask your doctor.
  • It’s as easy as ABC (your Annual Breast Check-Up). Pick out a memorable date (like your birthday) to call your OB/GYN for an appointment every year. When it’s time for a mammogram, it’s still easy. Contact the Highland Breast Care Center.Hint: Schedule a mammogram, and then ask to receive self-exam instruction at the Center for Women (just steps away), and schedule a massage to reward yourself. You can make it a “one-stop shop” for all three appointments.
  • Can you influence fate? You bet. You may not be in total control, but there are some simple steps you can take to stack the deck in your favor. Step to it.
  • It’s probably not breast cancer. Here’s some optimistic news–three out of four breast lumps are benign. That means your breast soreness or lumpiness is probably caused by something else. Find out more here.
  • With early diagnosis, 97 percent of breast cancer cases are curable. The thought of having breast cancer is frightening. But, treatments and cure rates are improving every day. Learn about how we can help.
  • Is It As Good For Me As It Is For You? There’s been a lot written about how breastfeeding is good for babies. Guess what–it’s good for moms, too. Get more information for both of you.
  • Procedures from screening to surgery. Even if you don’t have a scheduled procedure, check this section to find out what screening tests you should have and how often.
  • Surfing made easy. We may not be able to write it all, but we can give you some good links to help you get accurate, useful information. Plus, we’ll be adding more information from our own network of doctors as time goes by. Be sure to check back.

The Promise of Digital Mammography…

Our state-of-the-art digital mammography system at the Highland Breast Care Center

–Reduces radiation by up to 60%
–Accommodates virtually all women with a larger curved breast support
–Provides our doctors with the most advanced imaging tool to screen and diagnose breast cancer
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