Fertility Treatments


Treatments and ProceduresDescriptionReference
Assisted hatchingThe thick outer coating surrounding the embryo (fertilized egg) is artificially thinned to facilitate implantationHealthbanks.comSart.orgResolve.org
Egg retrievalRemoval of eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF)The ovary is punctured using ultrasound guidanceHealthbanks.comSart.orgResolve.org
Embryo transferThe fertilized egg is placed into the uterusHealthbanks.comSart.orgResolve.org
Intrauterine inseminationA concentrated preparation of motile sperm, prepared by sperm washing, is placed directly into the uterus on the day of ovulationAsrm.orgMedem.comResolve.org
ElectroejaculationAn electrical rectal probe generates a current that stimulates nerves and induces ejaculation; semen dribbles out through the urethra and is collected. 
In Vitro FertilizationFertilization of an egg in the laboratoryAsrm.orgHealthbanks.com
ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)Single sperm injected directly into an eggHealthbanks.comAsrm.org
Surgical Treatments
HysteroscopyTelescope-like instrument is inserted into the cervix to evaluate the uterine cavity, sometimes used to remove abnormalities such as polyps or fibroid tumorsMedem.com
LaparoscopyTelescope-like instrument is inserted into the abdomen to look directly at the pelvic organs, also used to treat abnormalites such as endometriosis, tubal blockageAsrm.orgMedem.com
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