Biotin for Hair Loss: is Biotin a Hair Growth Solution for Balding Men?

Biotin is one of several vitamins that aid in the growth of healthier, thicker hair – in fact, it’s been backed up by science. A study was done that showed that biotin can aid in the production of increased hair growth in people who have a hair loss.

But while biotin works well for atypical hair loss, does it work as a hair growth stimulate for men who are experiencing male pattern baldness? The answer is a surprising no. Biotin does have real benefits for hair growth. However, it doesn’t treat the main causes of male pattern baldness – genetics and hormones.

In this article, we’ll talk about what male pattern baldness is, how biotin helps hair growth and why it doesn’t necessarily treat male pattern baldness.

What is Male Pattern Baldness and Why Doesn’t Biotin Help on Its Own

Male pattern baldness takes place in several forms, from a receding hairline to hair thinning across your crown and entire scalp. The main cause of male pattern baldness is usually the same: sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a byproduct of testosterone – when your body produces testosterone a small amount is converted into DHT. This DHT that your body has now produced can bind to the receptors in your scalp and cause the hair follicles to deteriorate over time. This whole process results in a receding hairlineand/or thinning hair.

However, you should note that because the follicles at the front and crown of your scalp have the most receptors, they are usually the first to be affected by hair loss.

Your sensitivity to DHT is what affects when you start to experience male pattern balding. If you’re more sensitive to DHT, then you’ll begin to notice that you start to experience balding earlier in life while other men have a healthy full hairline as they age. If you are sensitive to DHT, your hair will start to thin regardless of your diet or how much vitamins you get.

Because biotin is a vitamin, it doesn’t have any effect on the production of DHT. However, it does have a positive of hair growth and can be useful to aid in the growth of new hair along with a DHT blocker.

When Does Biotin Stop Hair Loss?

The one time that biotin works to stop hair loss is if you’re deficient in biotin. A biotin deficiency is an incredibly rare condition, which makes it the least likely reason that you’re experiencing hair loss.

On average, there is only one person out of 137,400 who have a biotin deficiency,and they usually experience symptoms within the first few months of life.

Is Biotin a Good Hair Loss Supplement

The symptoms of a biotin deficiency usually extend beyond just hair loss. There are other symptoms including:

  • Red, scaly skin around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals
  • Seizures
  • Lethargy
  • Numb hands and feet
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Weak, brittle nails
  • Poor appetite

You’ll find that a biotin deficiency is extremely rare among healthy and well-nourished adults. You shouldn’t worry about biotin being the reason that you’re experiencing hair loss, which means that it’s mostly due to a genetic or hormonal factor.

Is Biotin a Good Hair Loss Supplement?


While biotin might not fix your hair loss problem, it is a good idea to take biotin supplements to aid in hair growth. In fact, studies have been done that show that biotin is very effective in helping people with thinning hair speed up and increase the growth rate of their hair.

A great thing about biotin is that it isn’t known to be toxic, which means that by taking supplements there won’t be any adverse effects on your liver or other organs. However, you should still consider talking to your doctor before starting biotin supplements – especially if you’re currently taking prescription medication.

Keep in mind that biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that must be taken orally in order for it to work. You might see hair growth shampoos that claim they contain effective biotin, but that’s not true. If you use one of those, you won’t experience any real hair growth – it must be taken orally.

Is Biotin Essential in Preventing Male Hair Loss?

While biotin does promote hair growth and can have benefits for people who have a biotin deficiency, it doesn’t have much of an effect on male pattern baldness. This is because male pattern baldness is caused by a hormonal or genetic factor that biotin, a vitamin, has no involvement in.

There is no harm to adding a biotin supplement into your life, in fact, it could be helpful to help you promote hair growth. However, for it to be trulyeffective, you’ll need to look into adding finasteride and minoxidil.

Both finasteride and minoxidil are hair growth promoting pills that have been proven through many studies help with male pattern baldness. In most cases, finasteride is often the best choice because it is a pill taken once a day to help combat the factors that cause male pattern baldness. However, choosing which one you want to add into your life to take care of your hair loss is completely up to you.

Final Thoughts

While male pattern baldness isn’t usually treatable by biotin, it isn’t a bad idea to add biotin supplements into your life. But you must remember not to expect it to regrow your hairline and completely cause new hair growth.

If you want that to happen, you need to consider adding another supplement into your life to allow biotin to do its work.

Remember, there are no harmful side effects to adding a biotin supplement. But make sure to talk to your doctor if you’re unsure what more to do to combat your male pattern baldness and if you should be taking biotin with your prescription medications.