Nutrient Criteria

Health Check helps you make healthy food choices. Health Check grocery products and menu items must meet with nutrient criteria developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians using the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide. These criteria address both nutrients that Canadians are encouraged to eat more of, for example fibre and vitamins, and those that they should limit such as sodium, fat and sugar.

Health Check criteria have been developed for the following nutrients:

  • Total Fat, Saturated Fat and Trans Fat
  • Fibre
  • Sodium
  • Sugar
  • Protein
  • Certain Vitamins and Minerals

Click here for detailed information on the Health Check’s nutrient criteria.

The criteria for each nutrient is based on scientific evidence, labeling regulations, nutrition trends as well as the eating habits of Canadians. The Health Check nutrient criteria will continue to evolve and change going forward.

New Criteria

Health Check recently announced changes to its nutrient criteria, including considerable reductions for sodium. New criteria have also been added for the first time for trans fat and sugar and changes were also made for fat and fibre.

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