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Health Check Drives Away the Salt

Date: 12-02-2009

Health Check Drives Away the Salt
To meet Health Check criteria, 14 companies have removed 800, 000 kilograms of salt from their products in just four years. This is the equivalent of 88 dump trucks of salt being driven out of our food supply. And there are more dump trucks coming.

Where Have all the Trans Fats Gone?
Well let us tell you. All Health Check grocery products and restaurant menu items meet the trans fat levels recommended by a federal task force of health professionals, government and industry including the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Health Check criteria are in line with the recommendations of the Trans Fat Task Force: trans fat in vegetable oils and soft margarines be no more than 2% of total fat and for all other foods that trans fats be limited to no more than 5% of total fat. Research links trans fats to heart disease and indicates trans fats may do even more harm than saturated fats. Some trans fat is naturally occurring.

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