The 5 Best Over-the-Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills of 2018

Men all over the world experience erectile dysfunction (ED) and it is one of the most common issues men can face. In fact, it has been stated that every single man will experience some type of ED at least once in their life. Erectile dysfunction is when a man has the inability to either gain or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. It could be a secondary symptom of something more serious like high blood pressure, heart disease, damaged blood vessels, or a lack of blood to the penis. Most of the time, however, ED is caused by something straightforward and can be relieved of some—or even all—of the symptoms through certain steps.

For those who are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there are prescription drugs but there are also over-the-counter pills and medication that you can take to eliminate the struggles that you are experiencing. We’ve put together this list of the top five erectile dysfunction treatmentpills for you to check out and help solve all your ED issues.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a natural way to take medication

VigRX Plus is a natural way to take medication to help with relieving, or even overcoming, erectile dysfunction. VigRX has been a reliable go-to for men for more than 10 years, making is a certified and trusty medication that many men still flock to. Through natural advancements over time, VigRX Plus has improved greatly in the last 10 years.

VigRX Plus also has had many different clinical trials tested, making it a safe and reliable choice for men. Both doctors and customers have reviewed and endorsed the product, which has only gone to help with their overall reputation and reliability.

VigRX Plus is best for men who are experiencing a lack of sex drive or who are having trouble getting and maintaining an erection. This pill can also help with overall improvement of a man’s sexual health while simultaneously helping to boost one’s sexual performance.


ProSolution pills are over-the-counter medications

ProSolution pills are over-the-counter medications that help with male enhancement. One of the main reasons why men continuously choose these pills over other options is because ProSolution is said to be one of the only medications that actually help men conquer any psychological issues that they may be experiencing, which is resulting in erectile dysfunction. Psychological issues are one of the main reasons why men experience ED in the first place, though there aren’t a lot of medications that touch on this issue.

Therefore, ProSolution is a rarity, as they both focus on physical help (with gaining an erection), and psychological help (which may be holding some men back from their sexual pleasure). These psychological issues also may be the reason why men are experiencing a lower sex drive; these pills help raise that sex drive again.

ProSolution, like VigRX Plus, keeps updating their product and medication as they advance and have more utilities at their service. In fact, the formula ProSolution now uses is exclusively trademarked.

ProSolution is the best option for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, especially if they are experiencing a major loss of sex drive.


Extenze is a supplement alternative

Extenze is a supplement alternative for men to take who suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for an immediate reaction. Reviewers of this medication have stated that they experienced positive effects of the medication in about 45 minutes, which is considered very quick (some pills can take about two hours to actually go in effect, by comparison).

The main three ingredients in Extenze are Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, and L-Arginine. These three ingredients are vital to creating a supplement for men who experience erectile dysfunction. These three ingredients are also found in some of the most popular over-the-counter and prescribed erectile dysfunction pills.

Extenze is best for men who are looking for a supplement that can help with their overall erectile dysfunction. This medication is also ideal for men who are looking for pills that have long-lasting effects.

Male Extra

 Male Extra is compared to Viagra

A lot of the time, Male Extra is compared to Viagra and other similar medications that are used to help with blood flow and circulation in the penis, which then helps with erections. These medications, while very helpful for those suffering from ED, don’t help with increasing one’s libido, which can also be a struggle for men with erectile dysfunction. Male Extra is, therefore, different from Viagra in this way.

Male Extra helps with gaining an erection while also helping increase a man’s libido. Viagra and other medications can also result in other adverse symptoms, such as headaches. This is also where Male Extra differs, as there are no adverse effects when taking this medication.

Overall, Male Extra is a great, relatively convenient medication to find for those who suffer from ED. It’s always lumped with Viagra, but it really does work better than its counterpart.


Zyrexin is an over the counter medication

Zyrexin is an over the counter medication that promises to bring results in about 45 minutes. However, a lot of reviewers have stated that it could take longer to reach this goal, especially if you take these pills on a full stomach. It is recommended that you do, in fact, take these pills with a full stomach, as Zyrexin has been known to bring headaches to those who take these pills. However, reviewers have been happy to say that the headaches or side effects are nothing compared to the horrible ones that Viagra can bring.

While Zyrexin is definitely not the best erectile dysfunction pill to take (compared to the others on this list), it was worth mentioning because there are a lot of people who really like this product. Also, this is one of the cheaper options to choose from, as well as one of the quicker options that doesn’t take hours to come into effect.

Zyrexin is great for men who are looking for a cheaper, quicker alternative to other over-the-counter erectile dysfunction pills.

While most men tend to focus on Viagra when they think of erectile dysfunction, there are actually many effective over-the-counter options to choose from. Viagra has been known to bring about some quite horrible side effects—and can be very pricey if not covered by insurance. Therefore, this list is here for you to find cheaper—and maybe even better—erectile dysfunction pills to help you perform in the bedroom.